Assist Of The Day USF #10 Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams

USF Freshman Courtney Williams is one of the best basketball players I’ve seen play and have had the pleasure of coaching on the AAU circuit. But she has a lot more to offer such as unselfishness off the court. Williams had just played a game and lost against Nebraska there first loss of the season, and she could have sulked and had attitude, but instead she signed autographs, spent some time actually with myself and my niece, showing her around the facility, and shot some hoops with her. Then all of a sudden was bombarded by a bunch of kids who wanted to shoot against her. As usual the competitive juices were flowing and she out shot them all and an even bigger crowd came in the gym, including parents and Williams stressed how important education was to her as well as ball. Williams definitely had everyones attention and they were listening and hopefully got something out of her message. Again just want to say thank you Courtney. My niece can’t stop talking about her day so she definitely was impacted greatly and I’m sure others were as well.


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